About CAMBA Meetings


CAMBA meetings are held o­n the second Monday of each month and start at 6:30PM. Occasionally this date/time may change. Changes will be posted o­n the website.


Specific locations for the meetings vary. Meetings are usually held somewhere that serves food, unless it’s summer time. Then we often hold them outside. We always announce the location of the meeting o­n this website about a week before the meeting.

Who should attend?

Anyone is welcome to attend a CAMBA meeting. They are open to the public. You don’t have to be a member to attend.


We discuss whatever topics are put on the agenda by the President. If you are interested in adding an agenda item to the meeting, please send an email to

Meeting Length

Meetings typically last up to two hours, so consider yourself warned!

Meeting Minutes

For 2015-16 meeting minutes are being stored in Google drive


Send any questions or comments about CAMBA meetings to